Sty seeks farmer

Sty seeks farmer

So how much does the most sustainable sty in the world cost?

The new sty is up and running. At the beginning of June we housed the first pigs, on 28 June we celebrated the official opening, and since then the first eight sections have been repopulated. And now, after the first four months, I can once again look proudly at what we’ve achieved: the most sustainable sty in the world.

The first round consisted of testing and fine tuning: ensuring that the equipment and sensors were correctly aligned. That’s now all been finalised. After the first round, we can already say that the sty has met the expectations we had at the start. The animals’ general behaviour and excretory behaviour are good, and ammonia emissions are looking good too. Although the final official measurements of ammonia emissions are still to come.

From test sty to official system

Our search

So it’s a case of finding three other farmers who want to join us on this adventure. People who are ready for something completely new and ultra-innovative. We’re offering farmers a copy of our sty as a turnkey solution for €400-€450 per pig place. Which means they don’t have to worry about a thing – but they can of course modify it if they wish.

I hope that in my next blog I’ll be able to introduce three other farmers who are also implementing the sustainable sty… So that we can get straight down to work and quickly ensure that this concept meets the new regulations, becomes an officially recognized system, and makes the world a better place.

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