Sty of the future – part 2 – forecast-based funding

Sty of the future - forecast based funding

Things are going well with our new sty. The third group of pigs has now been housed and, thanks to a hitch-free winter, we are pleased to say that our scores are exceeding our expectations.

In short, we are ready to copy our sty concept so that other pig farmers can benefit from our knowledge and experience. This will, of course, take some time. We need to find farmers who want to adopt this new concept, and those farmers will then need to find funding. Fortunately, we have good relations with several banks. We are delighted with the service provided by our contacts at Rabobank, who personally viewed the sty, and were impressed by what they saw. Rabobank believes in our concept. Whereas most banks grant loans based on the results of the past four years, Rabobank is prepared to do this based on our forecasts, because they believe that this sty concept will enable farmers to increase their profits.

We are also busy investigating alternative methods, such as crowd funding – a brand-new way to raise funds for innovative projects of this kind.

These are exciting times. As far as the next sty of the future is concerned, I can’t wait to present this fantastic concept to my fellow pig farmers! We’re already well on the way with a couple of farmers, but we’re still waiting for them and the moneylenders to sign on the dotted line. Until then, it will simply be business as usual for me, tending to my own pigs.

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