Innovative sty design

Hans Verhoeven - Innovative sty design

Long tails are a sign

If you’d told me years ago that it would be possible to keep antibiotic-free pigs, I’d probably have looked at you in bewilderment. But […]

Renovation of weaning-piglet barn

Innovation is about experimenting and learning. In my last blog, I discussed the renovation of the weaning-piglet barn. This renovation was necessary in order […]

a step closer to long tails.

A step closer to longer tails

It’s an exciting project: stopping docking pigs’ tails. Three years ago, I wouldn’t have even dared try, but now I’ve seen how well the […]

Sty seeks farmer

Sty seeks farmer

So how much does the most sustainable sty in the world cost? The new sty is up and running. At the beginning of June […]