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Westfort meat products is a family business that has specialised in pork processing for many generations. We purchase our pigs directly from the farmers, often also solid family businesses, always from the Netherlands. We are proud of the cooperative relationship we have developed with our farmers over the past few years. It is, in part, thanks to these farmers that we are able to offer our clients distinctive, superior-quality pork. We will continue to develop this relationship together with the farmers, and see many opportunities for the coming years.

Pork is a product to be proud of. It is our mission to surprise clients, consumers and the market with the best possible products, with a flavour that is second to none. This creates opportunities in the retail industry, but also on the farms.

Our products are exported all over the world, from Africa to Asia, America and Australia.Westfort provides a variety of unique pork concepts: concepts centred around the requirements of the client and consumer, and concepts that enable us to guarantee you a product with a distinct identity. We supply meat with a story – the story of a sustainable chain designed for a better environment and better animal welfare, or a story of organic meat produced with passion and authenticity by a pioneer.

IFS Food - BRC Food Certificated - Beter Leven

A wide variety of lines

IJsselland Vleeswaren

The IJsselland cold meats line consists of sustainable, artisan cold pork products with the Sustainable Pork Value Chain label. The cold meats are produced using authentic methods, without artificial colourings or flavourings, and with as few E numbers as possible.

Duurzaam Varkensvlees

KDV (Sustainable Pork Value Chain) produces delicious pork that's made with respect for the animal and the environment. Over 300 farmers are already working in accordance with our method. The meat is on sale at more than 500 retail outlets.

Duurzaam Varkensvlees

KDV+ is Pork with the Better Life a star rating of the Animal protection (Dierenbescherming). Pigs growing up with more attention for animal welfare and the environment. They have additional living space, daily portion of Lucerne roughage, adequate daylight and good ventilation.

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