With our sustainable pork, you’re not in for any surprises about the quality or origin of your meat. We know exactly where our meat comes from and how it was produced, because all our farmers comply with strict environmental and animal welfare standards. Our regular slaughterhouse, our wholesalers, butchers, retailers and cold meat producers also adhere to these strict standards. It’s not simply a case of them having to tick items off a list: we do this because we all believe in animal welfare and the environment. And because they support our goals and can only use the Sustainable Pork label if they comply with our standards.

How is the monitoring and certification done?

Monitoring at the farms
The farmers in the Keten Duurzaam Varkensvlees (Sustainable Pork Value Chain) have to comply with strict animal welfare and environmental standards. Every year the KDV checks that the farmers are complying with these strict standards, and the farmers are certified by an independent certification body.

In their management systems, the farmers record all kinds of details about animal welfare and the environment, such as data on energy usage and antibiotic use. The KDV has access to the farmers’ management systems and, on the basis of the figures from these systems, every year it evaluates whether the farmers are still complying with its strict standards. In addition, coaches from the chain visit the farmers annually to discuss the results and, where necessary, offer support.

The independent certification is awarded by the certification body CGD B.V. It conducts an entry check on new partners and visits existing partners at random.

Monitoring at the sales outlets
All the sales outlets, such as the wholesalers, retailers and restaurants, are continuously regularly monitored to ensure that they are complying with the standards set by the Keten Duurzaam Varkensvlees (Sustainable Pork Value Chain) on energy, the environment, communication and the channelling of our pork.

There is continuous monitoring of the kilos of processed pork, to ensure that what the sales outlets are selling as sustainable pork genuinely is sustainable pork. This is done by looking at the sales invoices and checking the accounting records of the participating companies. We compare the purchase records of the participating companies with their sales records and compare the number of kilos. In addition, the KDV coach visits all the sales outlets several times a year to monitor and support them.

Monitoring at the slaughterhouse
The slaughterhouse works in accordance with strict standards on animal welfare. There is a pig whisperer there who trains the staff in how to treat the animals and teaches them about the natural behaviour of pigs. As well as all this, there is CCTV in the slaughterhouse so the welfare of the animals can be safeguarded and monitored continuously. By inspecting its accounting records, the flow of meat is monitored from the slaughterhouse to the shop floor. The CGD certification body visits and monitors the slaughterhouse annually.

Are KDV partners independently monitored?

All the links in the Keten Duurzaam Varkensvlees (Sustainable Pork Value Chain) are monitored and certified not just by the KDV, but by independent certification body CGD B.V. as well. And all the farms also undergo independent food chain monitoring by the IKB Pig scheme.

If a prospective partner in the chain complies with our standards and is approved to join the KDV, they will receive their own certificate and be allowed to use the logo. The farms get their own sign, which they can put up at the entrance to their premises.

KDV logo bord

Which partners in the chain are monitored?

Everyone in our chain (farmers, slaughterhouses, wholesalers, processors, cold meat producers, retailers and butchers) is monitored by the Keten Duurzaam Varkensvlees and

the independent certification body CGD B.V., to check that they are complying with the standards set by the KDV.

How traceable is the pork?

The pork in the Keten Duurzaam Varkensvlees is fully traceable. From pig breeder to restaurant or shop. All the farmers in the chain are known to the KDV and all their information is available to it. But other links further down the chain, like wholesalers, retail partners or catering partners, are known, monitored and certified as well. The KDV has a complete picture of the chain from end to end, and every product is traceable. We know exactly:

  • which partners in the chain are involved at every stage, from farm to shop;
  • what methods the partners use;
  • which farmer’s pigs are delivered to whom;
  • which customers receive which products.

The meat is fully traceable because, from the manufacturing date on the packaging in the shop, we can check it against a list of all the pigs that were slaughtered by the company that supplied the meat.

How do I start working in compliance with the KDV standards?

Are you a pig farmer, a wholesaler, someone in the wholesale trade, a retailer, a restaurant or a caterer, and are you interested in our standards? Are you considering switching to sustainable pork? If so, we’d be happy to tell you more about our methods and standards.

Get in touch with the Stichting Keten Duurzaam Varkensvlees through or one of our partners in the chain