Our farmers

It all began in 1997 at the De Hoeve farm in Valkenswaard. The pig farmer decided to enhance the sustainability of the meat at his farm. He set himself stricter standards about the sties, which improved the climate in the sties, made the pigs healthier and the meat of much better quality.

This initiative appealed to more and more farmers in the Netherlands, who now number over 300 across the country. They're not huge mega farms – most of the farms in our chain are family businesses. In these farms the family lives on the same land as the animals.

All the farmers in the chain follow the full set of standards set by the Keten Duurzaam Varkensvlees (Sustainable Pork Value Chain). And this way of working goes further than the farmers alone. Our chain is an innovative cooperative venture between farmers, slaughterhouses, wholesalers, butchers, retailers and cold meat producers. All these partners are closely involved in the sustainable meat ideal and most of them know each other.

100% van Nederlandse bodem

100% Dutch soil

KDV meat is 100% Dutch. So there are no long animal transports in poor conditions.

We kennen elkaar

We know each other

We know where the meat comes from and we can trace it. We know our farmers and we work with one regular slaughterhouse and regular wholesalers and butchers.

Hechte familiebedrijven

Solid family businesses

Our pig breeders' farms are mostly family businesses: the farmers genuinely live near their pigs and usually, several generations of the family work on the farm.

Controle die werkt

Monitoring that works

All our pig farmers work in accordance with the same agreements and their compliance is monitored. So we know exactly what happens to our meat. From the farm to your plate.
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A growing chain with more than 300 pig farmers across the Netherlands.

‘The doors of our straw stable are always open. People stopping by can look inside. The responses are very positive. The consumer wants to know where the meat comes from, and here you can see with their own eyes.’
Hajo de Bakker
‘We are proud of our farm, and love to invite everybody to visit our stables. ’
Eric van Zutphen
‘Sustainability is important. By joining the sustainable pork value chain I am challenged to keep improving my farm. The market changes and the chain contributes to this process.’
Ad Romme
‘The welfare of the pigs is most important to us. We give a lot of attention to this every day. On our farm the pigs have a lot of room. The pigs have toys to play with and to root. High welfare is very important for animal health. ’
Cor en Corine de Ruijter
‘I am proud of my entire farm. But most proud on the high animal health and low antibiotics use.’
Tonny van den boom