Monofermentation: more income, fewer disease bacteria

Energy-neutral farms are now a step closer to becoming a reality, thanks to the new monofermentor we will be building on our demo farm in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands, in early 2016. This new system will have two major advantages when […]

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Daily manure removal viable for existing pig barns

daily manure removal possible for existing sties

In one of my earlier blogs this year, I mentioned the advantages of a manure fermentation system with daily manure removal, and what our plans are in this area. Daily manure removal is not only better for animals, people and […]

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Piggy on the potty

piggy on the potty

In pig farming, it’s usual for pigs to be kept on a closed floor in the sty, with the manure stored beneath it. So they’re actually living on top of their own mess. In our new innovative sty we do […]

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Saving energy through smart meters

energie besparen door slimme meters

In a few years’ time, we’ll all have smart energy meters in our homes. They’re a great new development, as these devices give private individuals – and farms – more information about their energy consumption. At the moment, we’re all […]

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An investment that pays for itself

Investeringen die zichzelf terugbetalen

It’s been clear to us for years that we need to improve the carbon footprint of our pork value chain. And the biggest gains can be made at the start of the chain, with the pig farmers. That’s where the […]

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