Mother’s milk is best all round

moedermelk is het beste voor iedereen

It’s actually very simple. In the first few weeks of a piglet’s life, mother’s milk is best for all. It’s one of nature’s beautiful creations. Mother’s milk ensures that the piglets grow up strong and full of vitality, but it’s […]

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Water you’d want to drink yourself

Water dat je zelf wilt drinken

Water in the pigsties is the final area of innovation we’ve come to, having overlooked it before. Until now, when water pipes were being laid, the main concern was saving water… Trying to keep spillage to a minimum. In fact, […]

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Around the kitchen table

Aan de keukentafel

When I was studying to be a vet, I would never have guessed that I’d end up doing most of my work around kitchen tables. Or that I’d enjoy it so much, for that matter. My mission is to make […]

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