About the Sustainable Pork Value Chain Association

Stichting Duurzaam VarkensvleesThe Stichting Keten Duurzaam Varkensvlees (Sustainable Pork Value Chain Association) is a cooperative venture between Dutch pig farmers, slaughterhouses, wholesalers, butchers, cold meat producers, retailers and caterers.

Mission and vision
We believe in sustainable meat. To us that means having respect for the environment and the animal. We also see it as our mission to enable awareness among consumers… Awareness of the sustainable choices out there, and of the delicious taste of pork. We do this by proactively encouraging and facilitating developments in farming. And by bringing consumers, chefs and butchers together, to introduce them to these wonderful products. We believe in healthy animals, energy-neutral pig farming, a better life for the pigs, and meat with the best taste. We don’t do all this for profit – we do it because we believe in it.
The Stichting Keten Duurzaam Varkensvlees (Sustainable Pork Value Chain Association) ensures that all partners in the chain communicate the sustainable meat message clearly and simply. From our shared service centre, our association looks after publicity, PR and advertising for the partners in the chain, and serves as an information centre for them, and for the consumer. Every year we publish our Sustainable Pork Report, which looks back and forward. We describe the planned projects we have achieved and the goals for the coming year. It informs all of our partners, from consumer to pig farmer, from caterer to retailer, about the progress we’ve made in our quest for a more sustainable society.
Board of advice
The Stichting Keten Duurzaam Varkensvlees was set up by four companies in the pork sector who stand for sustainable change in the industry: Inkoop Oudewater B.V., De Hoeve B.V., Lunenburg Vlees B.V. and Egbert Kruiswijk Vleesproducten B.V. After the association was set up, an Advisory Board was appointed, and part of its remit is to ensure that the Keten Duurzaam Varkensvlees focuses on the needs of consumers, companies and the industry. The Advisory Board critically evaluates our innovations and contributes ideas. This means we are always proactively aligning ourselves with current and future developments.The members of our Advisory Board are:

Paul van Hooren

Ad v.d. Tillaart
livestock trade

Ben Hermans
Keten Duurzaam Varkensvlees - Ad Romme
Ad Romme

Katie Minderhout

Lenie Klein Holkenborg