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Do you make conscious choices about what you eat, and do you love food? Do you enjoy a succulent piece of pork? Then our sustainable pork is perfect for you: it's delicious meat that's made with respect for the animal and the environment.

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KDV labs

Always on the lookout for new solutions

Our farmers are continually developing new ways of working more sustainably. They're always seeking improvements in the welfare of their animals and the environment. How can they improve their sties so they can work more efficiently? How can they give their pigs a better life? This requires innovations in farm building. We support their innovations and work with experts in a wide range of fields. Specialist pig vets visit the farmers and together they look at what's needed there for optimum animal health.

We work with institutions like Wageningen University, to find out how we can tailor the pigs' living environment to suit their natural behaviour more. At our test farm in Valkenswaard, we're experimenting with important technological developments that could make our farms energy neutral. These include solar panels, efficient ventilation methods and smarter heating technology. All of this is being done under the aegis of KDV Labs. Interested in our developments? You can keep up to speed with them here.

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